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3 PM

Responsible AI
Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Institute for Experiential AI, Northeastern University


In the first part, to set the stage, we cover irresponsible

AI: (1) discrimination (e.g., facial recognition, justice); (2) pseudoscience (e.g., biometric based predictions); (3) limitations (e.g., human incompetence, minimal adversarial AI), (4) indiscriminate use of computing resources (e.g., large language models) and (5) the impact of generative AI (disinformation, mental health and copyright issues). These examples do have a personal bias but set the context for the second part where we address three challenges: (1) principles & governance, (2) regulation and (3) our cognitive biases. We finish discussing our responsible AI initiatives and the near future.


Michael Gertz
large lecture hall (Hörsaal), Mathematikon