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Workshop CoE STRUCTURES and MRA Cognitive Science (FoF4)
Human Intelligence (HI) meets Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Join us for a day with many opportunities to get in touch with Cognitive Science/Field of Focus 4 and STRUCTURES, meet new colleagues and collaborators, discuss science with keynote speakers, and to network. We are very happy to welcome researchers at all career stages (doctoral students, post docs, professors) and especially those faculty members who joined Heidelberg University only recently and who are interested to build new transdisciplinary collaborations in the context of HI meets AI.
Topics could be e.g. cognitive and computational neuroscience, the computational mind, neural networks, superstatistics, dynamical systems... All these topics are of interest for cognitive research, AI and neuroscience, and at the same time potentially also for other fields like data and computer sciences, mathematics, microbiology, technology development and medical sciences. Other fields and field suggestions are very welcome!
This in-person 2-days workshop will cover many aspects of this emerging field of research, and will combine insights into exciting current research activities and key discoveries with the development of a future perspective for Cognitive Science, HI and AI. A program and more details will follow during the next weeks. We are very much looking forward to a day with stimulating presentations and discussion in an enjoyable atmosphere.

Cluster of Excellence (STRUCTURES) and Field of Focus 4 (FoF4)
Marsilius Kolleg

4.30pm - 6pm

Machine learning galore!
Scientific Machine Learning, Organizer: Barbara Quintel
INF 205 Mathematikon, 5th floor